An Apple a Day


On the way to school they grabbed his lunch and threw it in the road, then stood back to watch.  A truck flattened the bag, steam-rolled the baloney sandwich flat as paper, but the apple escaped and rolled across the lane.  A car coming the other way clipped it with the edge of its tire.  The apple flew into the air, impacted the windshield of the vehicle behind the truck, and the driver jerked the wheel instinctively.

The car hopped the curb, crawled over the hydrant, and landed on the pack of lunch thieving bullies.

The little boy’s tears mingled with hydrant rain.  He pulled the apple off the windshield, brushed off the sparkles of glass flecks, and ate it on the way to school.

One Response to “An Apple a Day”

  1. susan Says:

    I like this because of the constant stream of events that move the story through to a conclusion, bringing it back to the starting point and the main character.

    It’s got action, imagery, an arc of suspense and the only thing I might wish for would be a clearer picture of the boy in the beginning. Nice work, ME.

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